Foul Release

FoulX is a water-based, non-VOC, and non-toxic nanotechnology that creates an ultra-slick, omniphobic (water- & oil-repelling) surface which repels biofouling.


FoulX bottom coating prevents corrosion on treated surfaces. It is chemically-resistant and low-maintenance while having strong surface adhesion.

Reduced Drag

FoulX creates an extremely low-friction, hydrophobic surface which, when combined with anti-fouling properties, significantly reduces drag.

Easy Application

FoulX is a polymer bottom coating not a complex, multi-formula system. FoulX requires minimal surface preparation, cures rapidly, and is effective on top of many surfaces.

How FoulX Works

FoulX creates an ultra-slick surface, releasing bio growth when moving at speed through water

FoulX releases biofouling & prevents corrosion

FoulX can be applied to a wide range of surfaces exposed to marine conditions. It creates an extremely low surface energy & roughness which releases biofouling from the treated surface. FoulX does not have multiple formulas like many fouling-release systems do (primers, paints, and epoxies), but instead is a single bottom coating. FoulX is omniphobic (water- & oil-repelling) and also inhibits corrosion when applied to ferrous substrates. FoulX has excellent mechanical durability and performance and fills in corrosion pits and surface roughness when applied.

Product Sheet

Product Comparison

FoulX Performance

Bio-growth resistance with FoulX showed that after just 24 hours of saltwater immersion, FoulX had an immediate effect on the attachment and formation of biofouling, versus carbon steel substrate, which showed visible signs of corrosion as well as significant cyanobacteria growth. FoulX prevented clear formation of a micro fouling layer. Even elimination of micro fouling alone can easily improve the fuel efficiency of a vessel by greater than 18% (Lewin, 1984).

Performance Impact

Reduced Fuel Efficiency Due to Biofouling and Mass


Reduced Fuel Efficiency from Micro Bio-Growth Alone


Bio-Growth Reduction After FoulX Application


Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Testing

Oceanit has run extensive tests on our omniphobic coatings to develop specific formulations for marine applications.

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